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Handling Arc Flash Incidents

Did you know that accidents happen at workplaces every minute, on average. In fact, we would say that the propensity for incidents that result in some type of injury is even more frequent. Why does this happen? Because a lot of work sites are not as safe as they should be. And a lot of people who are working at those sites do not have the proper training. That is why we feel that you can never skimp on the money that needs to be spent in order to get people the training they need. And you need the work site examined too.

The biggest issue that we find at work sites is related to arc flash. It is estimated that you are going to get an incident related to arc flash every 30 minutes at a work site. These electricity induced injuries are not pleasant. Sometimes it is just a shock, but you can also get serious burns, respiratory issues or hearing loss. Sometimes eye damage is also a result of the arc flash incident. That is why we are firm believers that you need to get an arc flash hazard analysis done on the site before any more work is done there.

When you have this analysis done, you will be able to see what safety precautions must be taken. And even though you assume that your work site is already safe, that is probably not the case. Statistically, your work site is probably not safe from arc flash incidents if you never got it tested or analyzed. Only when you get the analysis done can you be sure that your workers are safe when they are working with tools and electricity at the site. So make sure that you are getting this analysis done before anyone else gets hurt!